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3 months of not driving due to corona many months of teeth grinding and near crashes to finally reach the point under a month until my theory expires... and say i have passed my driving test FIRST TIME as well. Its been a crazy 2 years since i passed my theory and im proud to have reached the end goal for now. I want to thank my instructor for giving me the time and day to deal with my post-corona self that loves speeding and stalling the car. Today has been a good day 😆 Thank you Olu!
I passed my test with Olu today! After failing my first test, Olu had continuous faith in me and kept reassuring me that I would pass. I just kept calm and didn’t dwell on my mistakes. Olu is my 3rd instructor, and he has hands down been the best. He is patient, kind and has a sense of humour. I am happy to pass with Olu today!🎊
Passed my driving test today first time! All completely thanks to Olu. He must be the most patient, reassuring and fun driving instructor out there and he maintained faith in me even when I didn’t have it for myself. All thanks to him that today is a great day 🥳🙌
Thank you Olu!! I passed with 2 minors. You have been so patient & kind which has helped me massively. You always came always positive and smiley! I couldn’t recommend you enough ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you Olu for helping me to pass my driving test!! 🥳 I am SO pleased that I finally did it! All the hours of practice were worth it, and I feel ready to go out and start driving!. Thank you for being so supportive since the beginning and for helping me to become confident with my driving ☺️
GUYSSSS! I’m sooo overjoyed! I just PASSED MY DRIVING TEST with just one fault, wish it was 0 faults! But I’m still so proud of myself. New driver and I’ve never driven before! I’m so grateful to Olu, he pushed and pushed me till I got every single thing right. I didn’t just pass but I am also now a great driver, thanks to Olu. I would not have passed without Olu. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful and indebted I am to Olu. If anyone is feeling anxious, nervous and not confident at all just keep pushing, keep striving and don’t give up. If I can do it, then you sure can.
Another one just Passed With Olu. It is your turn to hit the road. Just a phone call, you will be on your way. Magical instructor Olu will help you. Thank you.
Thank you Olu! What a great instructor, having just passed my test in Hither Green, I have to give huge credit to him. Such a friendly and helpful character who genuinely strives to help you improve. I couldn't recommend him enough! He is a great teacher and gives you the confidence where it's needed the most
So so so happy with olu. If I had not have lessons with him i doubt I would have passed let only get only 3 minors on my test. He is such an amazing driving instructor; anyone who aspires to pass their test first time, instructor olu is your best chance. Everything is explained thoroughly and easy to understand. Thank you instructor Olu!
Incredibly happy Uncle for all of these months helping me become the best driver I can be and pass my practical! My great experience learning to drive is due to you, and the positivity you have brought every driving lesson. You are the best instructor and the reason I passed with only 5 faults. I am proud to be your first 17 year old student to pass! Thank you!
Olu really helped me go from being a very nervous first time driver to passing first time with no minors at all! It's not always easy learning to drive in London but I was very well prepared for the test when it came around and felt confident. Thank you Olu....'whaoo (0 fault)!!'
“I started my lessons with Olu, having never driven before, and I passed my test first time. Olu is a wonderful instructor. Thanks for all the help & support!”
Olu again! Olu has been the most incredible instructor. Patient, kind and funny he has got me to pass my test today with only 4 minors! I cannot recommended him enough! He is one in a million!
I'm Saymore, I did my driving lesson with Sir Olu within one month and passed first time. What a privilege to have a patient instructor, really committed to his students to pass first time. Thank you Olu, we did it! Pepe soup!👍🏾😁
I passed my driving test today with Olu and i’m so happy! He has been so kind and encouraging. After changing driving instructors to Olu, I gained so much confidence and believed in myself a lot more allowing me to be much calmer in my test. I’m so grateful to him and you should definitely use him if you want to pass your test.
There is only one trainer in the whole of London, England (southeast) who is skilled, patient, thorough, detailed, friendly, respectful, punctual, sees the future and skilled in tailoring trainings to suit you. I definitely recommend him if you want to pass at first attempt like i did.
I highly recommend him, he is very patient and reassuring, also professional, serious and to the point. Always a great atmosphere during our lessons. I was nervous at the beginning were he helped me build up my confidence from one lesson to another until I was ready for the test. What a fantastic experience, I'm glad to have passed with Olu today.